13th Rite Of The Womb

Munay-Ki 13th Rite of the Womb

Have issues with your womb that you want to ease?
Difficult relationships in the past?
Want to receive the Munay-Ki 13th Rite and pass it on to others?

Join me in sacred ceremony of love, joy, sharing and compassionate healing of your womb - from pain, stuck emotions, physical conditions, trauma and fear. Clear suffering from your own past, ancestral trauma and for our future generations.

Be heard, seen and felt, standing in your true power and the power of Mother Earth.

Be part of the expanding community of women and men receiving and sharing the Munay-Ki 13th Rite of the Womb, created as a gift for us all, to clear fear and pain, returning us to our truest selves and healing Mother Earth.

You do not need to complete the other rites to receive the 13th Rite.

Once you receive this healing transmission you can continue to heal your womb, with aftercare suggestions provided, until you are free from all suffering.

You can also hold ceremonies and pass the rite on to others. You will become part of this lineage, freeing all women from suffering.

Full Day Ceremony (as description - timings may differ)

Original Ceremony (as description - timings may differ)

How to Book

For latest dates see social media or send a message via the Contact page.

Payment to be made ... to secure your place on ANY ceremony.

Bookings will only be confirmed once payment has been made.



The Origin of the 13th Rite of the Womb

Using jungle medicine, a lineage of women wanted to heal Mother Earth, our individual, collective and ancestral fear and free us from all suffering.

Marcela Lobos was first to receive the rite as a healing transmission, with later instructions to pass the rite on to as many women as possible.

She had been through fear and pain in her own life and became the first to be healed of her ‘dead baby’ (from a dream) once she had understood this was stagnant energy from her past traumas she had been carrying deep in her womb. She was trained in shamanic healing for 10 years (in the Andes of Peru and Chile) prior to receiving the transmission of the 13th Rite - received during a Shamanic journey, led by shamanic females in the Shipibo Nation, within the Amazon jungle in 2014. This rite was in the form of jungle spirit medicine, green in colour, passed through Marcela’s veins and then transformed into a neon sphere of green energy, seen by Marcela, when first passing this on to heal her Mother’s womb.

One of Lisa’s clients saw this green, luminous energy passed into her womb, before her physical ceremony, whilst in meditation.

The lineage of women passing this rite to Marcela wanted to free all women, men and Mother Earth from suffering.

There are ten rites in total with the last called the 13th relating to the 13 moon cycles linked to women’s moon cycles.